MJB Initiatives


We work with the Centre4Design in promoting the adoption of Design Strategy in business, with responsibility for the Food and AgriTech sector. The Centre for Design is a commercial enterprise established under the National Design Innovation Hub, supported by Enterprise Ireland.
We pride ourselves on our experience, sectoral expertise and methodologies that bring Design Strategy to the hearts of Ireland’s business community. We aim to cultivate and drive Design Thinking and more importantly, Design Strategy in other commercial enterprises that will result in definable and measurable value creation.
We support enterprises through innovation, research, strategy and scaling opportunities using our proven methodologies delivered under our Alpha, Omega and Epsilon Programmes. We strive to bring meaningful initiatives to businesses to drive meaningful and value add initiatives to their customers.
For additional information: Home - Centre for Design (c4d.ie)

UN Food Systems Summit

In collaboration with Stewart Gee Consulting, we lead Ireland's Independent Dialogue on the trade-offs in meeting Ireland's climate change commitments while developing its agri-food sector.
The United Nations will convene a Food Systems Summit in 2021, to consider the way the world produces and consumes food, and to review progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. A key element of the Food Systems Summit are stakeholder dialogues which offer a purposeful and organized forum for stakeholders to share their perspectives on food systems, consider their individual impacts on others and find new ways to come together in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.
MJBConsulting is actively engaging with a number of UN Bodies in promoting local engagement with UN Sustainability Initiatives including the UN Food Systems Summit and the UN Global Compact.
For additional information: Explore Dialogues - Food Systems Summit Dialogues

EU Task Force on Rural Africa

MJBConsulting has been supporting Irelands response to the European Commission’s Task Force on Rural Africa. In conjunction with Stewart Gee Consulting, we have facilitated extensive stakeholder consultations in developing recommendations to the Irish National Task Team on Rural Africa.
We continue to support organisations in their work to develop and strengthen commercial and developmental ties with African counties. We are supporting a range of activities in Africa including technology adoption at farm level, value chain development and trade facilitation services.
For additional information: November - Ireland's National Task Team on Rural Africa - A Report to the Government of Ireland - Department of Foreign Affairs (irishaid.ie)