Focus Areas

Sustainable Food Systems

We work with companies, organisations, and State agencies in developing Sustainable Food Systems. Our approach is simple; as food production does not exist in isolation, sustainable production depends on the involvement of all actors along the food chain.
We are passionate about helping organisations work towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
We work with clients to develop and implement bespoke Sustainability Strategies reflecting the uniqueness of each business, its operations, markets and supply chains.
MJBConsulting engages clients in a unique process, “Moving to Green – staying in the Black” developing sustainable strategies appropriate to the business; supporting stakeholder engagement; optimising participation in voluntary initiatives and reporting; and developing a culture of sustainable business operations.
MJBConsulting can support your organisation in defining Sustainable Food System solutions for your business.

Navigating Regulation, Policy and Barriers to Trade

MJB Consulting supports clients in understanding the rules and regulations that impact their business. MJB Consulting tracks the evolution of new regulations from inception as global policy dialogue to their implementation as local regulation.
MJB Consulting works with stakeholders to simplify their businesses by optimising regulatory outcomes; supporting business preparedness; minimising business disruption; and enabling business compliance.
We work with clients in optimising market access through our expertise in trade agreements, tariff optimisation and non-tariffs barriers.

Facilitation and Stakeholder Engagement

MJB Consulting is supporting a number of business groups and organisations to improve their impact, simplify their ways of working and in some instances redraft their rules of governance.
We help parties better understand mutual challenges; identify synergies; and agree outcomes which contribute to aligning Stakeholder and Shareholder values. We understand the importance of developing an environment that enables collaboration and achieves agreement by consensus.
We have experience in working with organisations with local and global reach.